Frameless, Glass-on-Glass Module Simplifies Installation Process and Lowers Cost


CAMAS, Wash., October 18, 2011 -- Sharp Electronics Corporation’s Solar Energy Solutions Group has introduced its frameless, glass-on-glass thin film solar photovoltaic (PV) module.  Beyond the appealing aesthetics, Sharp’s thin film technology offers greater savings, reliability and longevity without the frame and associated complexity, time and expense that traditional framed modules demand on the installation.

ARRA and Buy American compliant, Sharp’s thin film cell pairs amorphous silicon with a layer of its proprietary microcrystalline silicon to capture more of the solar spectrum and convert more sunlight into electricity.  Produced with less than one percent of the silicon used in crystalline solar cells, Sharp’s thin film products offer a lower cost per kilowatt hour for large-scale applications.  Additionally, with a low temperature coefficient for output power, thin film modules generate greater specific power than its crystalline silicon counterpart in warmer climates.  This translates into as much as 10 percent more kilowatt-hours per kilowatt.

By removing the frame, Sharp’s new thin film module eliminates time-consuming grounding activities; streamlining the installation process and lowering the installation cost of the module.  The frameless feature also results in less dust accumulation, requiring less frequent cleaning and maintenance, and can be installed in either landscape or portrait position.  Certified to IEC 61646, the thin film modules are for behind-the-fence applications.

In tandem with the new thin film module, Sharp has launched a new Fixed-Tilt Ground Mount Structure.  Designed especially for its thin film module, the Sharp utility-scale mounting system reduces installation fees by decreasing materials cost and streamlining labor.  Made in the United States, the system has industry-leading adjustability—25 mm vertical, 25 mm lateral—and can be used in wind zones up to 95 miles per hour.  The system was designed according to the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE 07) and the International Building Code (IBC 2006).

"With the introduction of its frameless glass-on-glass thin film module and the Fixed-Tilt Ground Mount Structure, Sharp is streamlining the thin film panel and the installation process at the same time, helping make solar power more cost effective in utility-scale applications." said Eric Hafter, senior vice president, Sharp Solar Energy Solutions Group.

The frameless glass-on-glass thin film product is backed by the Sharp 25-year limited warranty on power production.  Please visit for more information.

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