Labels are designed to assist visually impaired or blind device users


MAHWAH, NJ – May 14, 2012 -- Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America is pleased to announce the launch of Braille Overlay Label Kits. The new labels were created to be applied to the user interface on several of the latest Sharp multifunction printers, including the following models: MX-2610N, MX-3110N, MX-3610N, MX-4110N, MX-4111N, MX-5110N and MX-5111N.

The new Braille Overlay Labels are transparent, easy-to-use overlays for the high-resolution touch-screen UI. Key operators, administrators and Braille readers will quickly learn their placement and functions. These clear, thin, transparent labels do not hinder the easy, interactive functions of the New UI, such as Page Edit and Image Preview. Clear, transparent Braille Overlay Labels allow the most common operations – such as copying and faxing, as well Black & White and Color Start labels – and can easily be placed directly on the touchscreen.  Adding Braille Overlay Labels will help allow a visually impaired worker to be able to complete their jobs in a busy environment that demands multiple sets of copies or faxes of important documentation.

“With so many office devices and machines incorporating touch-screens, the Braille Overlay Labels are helping to make some of the latest Sharp workplace technologies accessible to blind and visually impaired users. This innovative product is one example of how Sharp is helping create an office environment more compatible with the technology needs of the future,” said Raymond Miney, Jr.,  product manager, Sharp Imaging and Information Company.

Braille Overlay Labels are currently available and are offered with the following options:

  • Number Pad: 0 through 9, *, #, Clear
  • Color Start, Black & White Start, and Roam Buttons
  • Copy, Fax and Clear All
  • 1, 2, 3, and 4 for personalized favorites        

Simple to apply and easy to use, the transparent labels are designed specifically for direct application to the high-resolution touch-screen interface on advanced Sharp MFP models. These clear, thin labels do not hinder or obstruct the variety of interactive functions of the interface, and allow users to easily access such features as Page Edit, as well as more frequently used operations such as copying and faxing, black & white and color start functions and others. Thin and transparent, the labels do not blur the screen or sacrifice the user interface efficacy and on-screen editing functionality.

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