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  • Back-Up Reception Mode

    If a call is not answered by an operator after a preset number of rings, the fax machine answers the call automatically.

  • Batch Transmission

    This feature allows you to store a number of documents in memory at different times for automatic transmission to one location at a set time.

  • BD-Live™

    Provides consumers access to a wide variety of real-time content via a network connection, such as movie scene extras, new previews, games, chat and more.

  • Beam

    A cone of light emitted by a lamp or luminaire.

  • Beam Angle

    Definition of how wide the beam of light is.  It is stated in degrees of a full angle, from the maximum light output (at the center of the beam) to the point at which the intensity of light (candlepower) drops to 50%.

  • Beam Spread

    The angle between the two directions in the plane in which the intensity of light (candlepower) is equal to a stated percent (usually in 10% increments) of the maximum intensity of the beam.

  • Black and White Reverse

    Reverse the light and dark areas to produce contrasted images.

  • Black TFT

    The low reflection coating ensures an optimal contrast ratio for a crisp, vivid picture even in harsh lighting conditions such as fluorescent light or direct sunlight.

  • Blu-ray Disc™

    A disc format that uses a blue laser to play/record high definition (HD) video and for storing large amounts of data.

  • Bottle Return (BR)

    Also known as bottle deposit or redemption, and in California as CRV (California Redemption Value), this feature provides the retailer with a simple and accurate way of accounting for monies paid on purchases of certain recyclable beverage containers on an ECR/POS System.

  • BPS (Bits per second)

    Used to designate the speed at which data flows over transmission lines. For example, 9600 bps would indicate that 9,600 bits of information are being transmitted per second.

  • Brightness

    A more generally used name for Luminance.

  • Broadcast

    The transmission of one set of documents to two or more receivers.

  • Built-In Calculator

    This function allows the operator to actually use the register as a calculator without affecting ECR/POS sales totals.

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