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  • Caller ID (with name)

    The phone will display the current caller or the last 30 callers and names to your phone number in an LCD display. A return call can be made by indexing that caller and pressing the "start key".

  • Call Reservation

    Also known as "voice request", the ability to talk to the sending or receiving party immediately before, after and in-between pages before the fax transmission is completed, but before the line is disconnected.

  • Call Tracking Report

    A list of the telephone numbers called.

  • Candela (cd)

    The measurement used to indicate the brightness or intensity of a light source (candlepower) in a specific direction.  A light source may have different intensities, depending upon the direction being measured.

  • Candle Power

    One of several ways to measure and compare light levels.  Others include Lumens, Lux, and Foot Candles.

  • Carousel®

    A revolving turntable that rotates food through the microwave field to cook food evenly.

  • Cartridge Exchange Program

    SHARP copiers use an easy to replace, single cartridge system, for the toner and developer.

  • Cash In Drawer (CID)

    This amount is the "amount" of cash that should be in the ECR/POS system cash drawer. It reflects paid outs, refunds, etc.

  • Center Beam Candlepower (CBCP)

    The intensity of light produced at the center of a reflector lamp, expressed in candelas.

  • Charge (Charge Tender)

    Used when the customer uses a credit card to pay for a sale or when the total amount is to be posted to an in-house charge account on an ECR/POS system.

  • Charge Posting/Customer Management

    An account record used for managing sales data for customers using a customer number on an ECR/POS system, such as a hotel / motel function or layaway which shows the charges, payments received and current balance of an account.

  • Check Cashing (CA/CHK)

    This function is used to cash a check on an ECR/POS system.

  • Child Lock

    Prevents unwanted oven operation by young children or other "unauthorized users." The oven can be set so that the control panel is deactivated or locked.

  • CIE

    Commission Internationale de l’Eclairage (translated International Commission on Illumination).

  • Color Rendering Index (CRI)

    A measurement of the ability of a light source to reproduce the colors of objects it illuminates without distortion in comparison with an ideal or natural source of light.  The measurement scale ranges from 1 to 100, where 100 has no color distortion.  LED light sources usually range between 60 (poor) to 90 (excellent).  CRI differences among lamps with similar color temperature usually are not significant unless the difference is more than 5 points.

  • Color Rendition

    The effect the spectral characteristic of a light has on the color appearance of the objects illuminated by it. The Color Rendering Index (CRI) is defined in terms of a comparison of the spectral tri-stimulus values of the objects under test illumination and standard illumination according to the recommendations of CIE Publication No.13.3-1995.

  • Color Temperature

    See Correlated Color Temperature.

  • Combo Meals

    Allows for combining menu items that exist in the PLU item file and "bundle" them together with a different unit price on an ECR/POS system.

  • Commercial Luminaire

    A luminaire using a Class A power supply.

  • Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL)

    A fluorescent lamp, with a single end, where the tube is narrow in diameter and bent or curled into a compact shape.

  • Compatibility

    The ability of machines of different makes and models to communicate with one another.

  • Component Video

    This connection allows up to 1080 lines of resolution. Red, Green and Blue RCA-type cables make up a component video cable. This connection provides an analog method for connecting high definition devices. The connection option became popular with the introduction of Progressive Scan DVD players. A separate audio cable is required for this connection option.

  • CompuCook™

    Allows safe, easy and efficient defrosting based on weight of food. Visual cues indicate when to check, re-arrange or cover food.

  • Condiment / Condiment Tables

    During the order entry process on an ECR/POS system, a "condiment entry" is intended to guide the operator in making menu entries that require special instructions to a previously entered PLU or Combo Meal item, e.g., chicken nuggets may be linked to a condiment table that will prompt for a choice of toppings (ranch, bleu cheese, honey mustard, none).

  • Confidential Transmission

    The confidential function can be used to transmit and receive confidential documents. A passcode is required to print the document from memory. Note: Confidential transmissions is only possible when the receiving machine is a Sharp model with confide.

  • Configuration

    In liquid crystal displays, liquid crystal is sandwiched between a filter that adjusts to incoming light, and a filter that received the light and shows color. The displays are designed to be controlled by passing an electrode through the liquid crystal. This layered panel structure is the basis for the compact design that allows liquid crystal displays to be applied to equipment - such as notebook PCs and portable information terminals - that can be used anywhere or anytime.

  • Continuous Copiers

    Ability to make copy after copy without the operator having to press the start key at the end of each copy cycle. The number of continuous copies, varies by model.

  • Continuous Mode

    Enables copier to continue producing photocopies until it runs out of paper.

  • Contrast

    The ability to compensate for light and dark shades of an original. Contrast control can be either automatic during scanning or manual may be selected.

  • CONV

    Converts the domestic currency sales subtotal into the amount it would be in the foreign currency being offered for payment on an ECR/POS system.

  • Copy Function

    Enables the facsimile to be used as a convenience copier.

  • Copy Size

    Both the minimum and maximum copy area, and paper size that the copier can utilize.

  • Correlated Color Temperature (CCT)

    An indicator of the “warm” or “cool” appearance of a light source, measured in degrees Kelvin (K).  For LEDs, it is defined in terms of the spectral tri-stimulus values (color coordinates) according to the recommendations of IESNA LM-16. For color coordinates near the blackbody loci, the correlated color temperature, measured in Kelvin (K), is used. Generally, the “warm” red-yellow tones of incandescent lamps measure between 2700K and 3000K.  Daylight is “cool” with measurements of 5000K to 6500K depending on time of day and cloud-cover.  The higher the color temperature the whiter, or bluer, the light will be.

  • C P M

    Copies Per Minute (CPM).

  • Credit Card Authorization (CAT)

    Also known as EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) and EPAY (Electronic Payment), Credit Card Authorization (CAT) involves processing and authorization of Credit Card, Debit Card, Check (without MICR), Gift Card and EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) transactions on and ECR/POS system.

  • CSA

    Canadian Standards Association.

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