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  • Edge / Center Erase

    Remove an area around the outer edge of a document or the marks that result when copying from books.

  • Efficacy

    See Luminous Efficacy.

  • Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT)

    An electronic system that allows a recipient to authorize the transfer of their government benefits from a federal account to a retailer account to pay for products on an ECR/POS system.

  • Electronic Cash Register (ECR)

    An Electronic Cash Register or Point of Sale system is comprised of the hardware and software used for processing, calculating, and recording "checkout" transactions (sales transactions).

  • Electronic Phone Directory

    All of the pre-programmed phone numbers in your fax machine will now be accessible through the display of the machine. Search or scroll methods are available for ease of dialing ability.

  • Electronic Sorting (E-Sort)

    Electronic sorting makes it easier to produce completed document sets without a bulky collator unit. Offset stacking separates each complete set of prints or copies within the interior document tray.

  • Energy Save Mode

    An energy conserving feature where after copying and a preset time period, the copier automatically goes into a standby mode in which partial fusing heat is maintained so that a full warm-up period is not necessary for the next copy job.

  • Enlargement

    Ability to increase the size of the image of the original on a photocopy.

  • Error Correction Mode (ECM)

    A receiving unit will check data for errors before printing the document. If errors are found, it will signal the transmitting machine to re-send the information. Both communicating units must support this mode for it to be utilized.

  • ESCO (Energy Service Company)

    A professional business providing a broad range of comprehensive energy solutions including designs and implementation of energy savings projects, energy conservation, energy infrastructure outsourcing, power generation and energy supply, and risk management. The ESCO performs an in-depth analysis of the property, designs an energy efficient solution, installs the required elements, and maintains the system to ensure energy savings during the payback period.

  • Express Defrost™

    A three stage defrost cycle which provides quick, even defrosting of meat and poultry. The oven prompts the user when to "check", "shield", or "turn-over" food.

  • Extension Phone Transfer

    The ability to transfer a fax call from an extension phone to the facsimile unit by entering a 2 or 3-digit code.

  • EZ Setup

    When the TV is turned on for the first time, the EZ Setup function is activated.  It will automatically prompt the viewer to attach the cable or antenna, and to press a single button to start the initial channel memorization process.

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