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  • Facsimile

    A method of transmitting and receiving information in hard-copy form over telephone line.

  • Fax / Phone Changeover

    The machines ability to decipher between a fax or voice call and ring accordingly.

  • Fax To E-mail

    Scan pictures or text into the Fax and send to an e-mail address. An internet e-mail service provider is necessary. Documents are sent in HTML file format and can be opened with most Web browsers.

  • Fiber Optics

    Some copiers use fiber optics — layers of Lucite fibers sandwiched together which transmit light to the drum to form an image. Fiber optics are less expensive and easier to manufacture than optical lenses, and they allow for the production of smaller

  • First Copy Time

    Time required from when the start key is pressed to the time the first copy arrives at the exit tray.

  • Fixture

    A complete lighting unit, including housing, diffuser, wiring, socket, ballast, reflector, and lamp; the more frequently used name for Luminaire.

  • Flash Memory

    A technology that requires no battery back-up for retention of data or voice recording.

  • Fluorescent Lamp

    A tube-shaped, gas-discharge lamp that uses electricity to excite mercury vapor, causing a fluorescent (phosphor) coating to change ultraviolet energy into visible light.

  • Food Stamp (FS TENDER)

    This feature takes the guesswork out of orders paid by food stamps versus other payment media on an ECR/POS system.

  • Footcandle (fc)

    A unit of illuminance equal to 1 lumen per square foot where light is falling onto a surface.

  • Frame Rate Doubling/120Hz

    Many newer HD TVs are capable of displaying 120Hz or 120 frames per second. Sharp uses a unique algorithm to create orignal images that help smooth sharp edges on moving objects, like the panning of a camera in football, a player swinging a bat, or scrolling text. By creating new images and filling the gaps between frames, motion appears smoother and less jumpy.

  • Front and Rear A/V Inputs

    Adds the convenience of easy connection with other audio/video equipment such as VCRs and camcorders.

  • Fusing

    Process used to permanently affix the toner particles to the copy paper. Most commonly, heat and pressure applied by a heat lamp inside two rollers.

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