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  • IEC

    International Electrotechnical Commission.


    Illuminating Engineering Society of North America.

  • Illuminance

    The amount of light arriving at a surface, expressed in lumens per unit area (1 lumen per square foot = 1 footcandle; 1 lumen per square meter = 1 lux).

  • Illumination

    The use of lamps or light fixtures to light a surface or an object.

  • Image Annotation

    Allows for the placement of electronic "sticky" notes, highlight or comment on faxes or images directly on the PC.

  • Imaging Film

    Ink Ribbon Cartridge used in Thermal Transfer Faxes.

  • Incandescent Lamp

    A lamp that produces light by heating a thin filament wire with an electrical current.

  • Indirect Lighting

    Created by light fixtures emitting 90 to 100% of the light upward.

  • InGaAIP LED (Indium Gallium Aluminum Phosphide LED)

    Active semiconductor material used to produce red, amber, and yellow LEDs.

  • InGaN LED (Indium Gallium Nitride LED)

    Active semiconductor material used to produce blue, green, and white LEDs.

  • Initial Performance Values

    The photometric and electrical characteristics of light generated from a lamp or luminaire at the end of the 100-hour aging period in a 25°C test environment.

  • Instant Action™

    One touch keys work instantly for several of your favorite foods. Touch once for each serving. Quantities vary by food category and oven capacity.

  • Integral LED Lamp

    A lamp or light bulb using LEDs with an integrated driver that uses an ANSI standardized base that will fit in existing standardized sockets.

  • IRC

    Inline or Inter-Register Communication is essentially a Local Area Network (LAN) consisting of Point Of Sale terminals, remote printers, a hub or switch, and possibly a personal computer. An IRC system allows the manager to exercise centralized control over the satellite terminals through the master terminal. It is used to consolidate totals from one or more registers, to download programming, and send information to a remote printer.

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