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  • Manual Bypass

    Allows the user to copy on to different paper stock, without changing paper cassettes or trays. Also used for two-sided copying.

  • Manual / Multi Bypass

    Allows the user to copy on to different paper stock, without changing paper cassettes or trays. Also used for two-sided copying.

  • Manufacturer-designated Temperature Measurement Point (TMP)

    The temperature measurement point designated by the manufacturer correlating to photometric, life or warranty values.

  • Margin Shift

    Shift image to the right or left to allow for binding or 3 hole punching.

  • Master

    This is the controlling unit in a POS IRC system.

  • Maximum Copy Size

    Largest size paper that can be put through the machine.

  • Maximum Original Size

    Largest original that can be placed on the glass and copied.

  • Memory Transmission

    The storage of documents in memory for transmitting when the phone line is available or at a user-defined time.

  • Message Forwarding

    A user can program a phone number to automatically transmit received messages to a specified destination.

  • Minimum Operating Temperature

    The minimum temperature at which the power supply will reliably operate.

  • Minute Plus™

    Sets the oven at high for one minute per touch and starts automatically or adds time during cooking.

  • Mix & Match

    A Mix & Match Promotion may be used to sell multiple items as a "set/combination" in an ECR/POS transaction, e.g., A canned-vegetable sale: 3 cans of Brand X for $1.00 or a retail sale: 3 pairs of Brand X socks for $9.00.

  • Modem

    An acronym for modulator-demodulator. This device is found in all facsimile equipment. At the transmitting end it converts a digital signal to an analog signal, and at the receiving end it reconverts the analog signal to a digital signal.

  • Moving

    The platen moves from side to side, carrying the original over the optics. Copiers with moving platens usually have speeds of less than 20 copies per minute. (Z-52II/57II).

  • MP3

    MP3 files are audio data compressed in the MPEG1/2 Audio layer-3 file format.   This is a popular audio format that is useful when storing, organizing and playing digital audio files.

  • MTS Stereo with Second Audio Program

    Multi Channel TV Sound (MTS) decoder receives and decodes stereo and Second Audio Programs (SAP) where they are available.

  • Multi-Copy

    Greatest number of copies that the copier can be programmed to produce, from one original. Note: differs by model.

  • Multi-Copy Speed

    Number of copies per minute produced from one original in a continuous run after the first copy exits. This is also the maximum copy output speed of the machine.

  • Multifunctional Peripheral Interface (mfpi)

    An industry standard set by the MFP Association that is designed to provide common signaling protocols relative to scanning, printing, and faxing, functions.

  • Multi-tasking

    Ability to initiate one task while another is already taking place. For example, receive faxes while printing or copying and program a copy job during a print job or fax transmission.

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