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  • Paid Out (PO)

    This feature is an easy way of accounting for money that is withdrawn from the ECR/POS system for miscellaneous purposes, e.g., C.O.D. deliveries, petty cash, window cleaning.

  • Pandora® Radio

    Pandora is a free internet radio service that plays music based on an individual’s tastes. Pandora analyzes music and as a result, is able to suggest music based on a listener’s preferences; it also allows a listener to create custom radio stations.

  • Paper Capacity

    Maximum amount of paper, copier can store in the paper tray.

  • Paper Cutter

    Faxes received or copies made are automatically cut to the size of the original document.

  • Paper Tray

    Removable cassette, where blank paper is stored for copying.

  • Paper Weights

    Thickness of paper(s) that is recommended for use in the copier.

  • PAR Lamp

    Parabolic Aluminized Reflector lamp, also referred to as “spotlights” or “floodlights”.  PAR lamps use both an internal reflector and prisms in the lens to control the beam of light.

  • Parallel Interface & Bi-directional Parallel Interface

    Parallel interface is a one or two-way interface that can transfer several different bits of information simultaneously. Transmission is several times faster via parallel than serial interface. Bi-directional parallel interfaces communicate in two di

  • Parental Control

    This feature is used to limit access to digital broadcast and Blu-ray™, DVD and video disc content and/or devices based on the content rating.

  • PC-Fax Interface

    A built-in interface allows users to send faxes directly from most Windows® applications, receive faxes into their PC, fax broadcast to multiple locations and custom design fax cover pages.

  • Phosphors

    Phosphors are the material on back glass that emit the visible light that makes up the picture we see. On a cathode-ray tube the phosphors are on the front glass and are excited by a beam of light from the cathode ray. In all flat and plasma TVs the phosphors are excited by UV light produced by electromagnetically charged plasma.

  • Photo Mode

    The ability of the copier to copy halftones or photographs more clearly.

  • Picture-in-Picture

    Enjoy two programs at once when connected to a second video source such as a VCR. Functions include freeze, swap and move.

  • Plasma

    An electronically neutral, highly ionized substance composed of ions, electrons and neutral particles. Plasma contains almost equal numbers of free electrons and positive ions. In a plasma the electrons have been stripped away from the central nucleus. Therefore, a plasma consists of a sea of ions and electrons and is a very good conductor of electricity and is affected by magnetic fields. Electrons are separated from their respective nucleus when enough heat is applied.

  • Plasma TV

    Plasma technology is different from that used in other display systems in that red, green and blue lights are created in every pixel, reducing the need for space. Charged electrodes between glass panels cause tiny pockets of inert gas to change a state of plasma. This process causes UV light to be produced, which in turn reacts with the red, green and blue phosphors in each pixel to produce visible light.

  • Platen

    The platen (or exposure glass) is the plate of glass upon which the original is placed for copying. There are two types of platens.

  • PLU (Price Look-up)

    A PLU is essentially a sales item used for registration and reporting on an ECR/POS system, e.g., nachos, bottled water, garden salad, hamburger, sirloin steak, brand X, magazines, shirt, etc.

  • PLU Menu Key

    This function is used to group similar items together under one key for sales registration on an ECR/POS System, e.g., burritos, tacos, kids meals.

  • Point of Sale (POS)

    An Electronic Cash Register or Point Of Sale system is comprised of the hardware and software used for processing, calculating, and recording "checkout" transactions (sales transactions).

  • Polling

    A feature which permits a fax machine to call another machine and request it to transmit documents. Pages must be left in the document feeder or in memory and the polling unit must have the passcode of the unit it is calling.

  • Power Factor

    The active power divided by the apparent power (i.e., product of the rms input voltage and rms input current of a driver).

  • Programmable Transaction Report

    One of four transaction reports can be selected:

    1) Only after a confidential reception, broadcasting, time operation or error.

    2) After every transmission

    3) After every transmission or reception

    4) No transactions reports

  • Progressive Format

    Progressive format differs from an Interlace format in that it shows the entire image at once as a single frame, increasing the overall picture quality. Still images, text, and horizontal lines appear sharper.  The Interlace format shows every other line of an image (field) to create one frame.

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