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  • Satellite

    A POS system that doesn't have control over IRC (Inline or Inter-Register Communication) functionality. It only participates in an IRC system.
  • Scan Once Print Many

    Sharp's single scan system scan's the document once and prints multiple copies. This system enhances productivity, eliminates excess wear and tear and reduces the noise level of the copier.

  • Sentinel

    Visual alarm to warn operator when the cash in drawer (CID) total exceeds a preset amount on an ECR/POS system.

  • SICS

    This is an ECR/POS function that allows a single key operation to ring in an amount to a department, add the tax if applicable, and open the cash drawer.

  • SIF

    This is an ECR/POS function that allows one key, no matter when it is depressed in a transaction, to total out (FINALIZE) the sale.

  • Single Document Feeder

    The document must be manually pulled through the feed mechanism each time a copy is needed.

  • Solid-State Lighting

    Generally accepted description for high-brightness light-emitting diodes (HB LED) that are used in applications that come under the broad, general definition of “lighting” (not indicator lamps or displays).

  • Sorter

    A device which is added to the copier for use when producing collated copies.

  • Speed-Dialing Numbers

    Two or Three-digit codes that can be used to dial programmed telephone numbers.

  • SRN

    Sharp Retail Network is essentially the same as IRC for an ECR/POS system. The two terms are interchangeable.

  • SRS Surround Sound

    Allows for three-dimensional sound without using external speakers.

  • Stacked Report

    This function allows for multiple ECR/POS X/Z reports to be printed in sequence by a single request.

  • Stationary

    The platen remains stationary while an internal scanning device moves from side to side to copy the original. This feature usually makes a machine physically larger but gives user the option of adding a document feeder, which cannot be used on a copi

  • Sub-department

    On an ECR/POS system, a sub-department is a PLU without a preset price.

  • Substitute

    This function allows for the "substitution" of selected PLU or Combo on an ECR/POS system, e.g., "Kid's Meal" fruit instead of fries.

  • Substitute Reception

    Also called paper-out reception to memory, this feature allows documents to be automatically received into memory when the unit runs out of paper. Some models also allow documents to be received into memory when other supplies, such as ink or toner,

  • Supplemental Lighting

    Lighting used to give additional illumination that cannot be easily provided by a general lighting system and that adds to the general lighting level, usually for specific tasks.

  • S-Video

    S-Video provides up to 400 lines of resolution. This connection administers a better analog signal than composite video. This single video cable connection can be found standard on VHS, DVD and cable boxes. A separate audio connection is required.

  • S-Video Input

    Separates the luminance and chrominance elements in your video signal for greater picture quality.

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