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  • T.A.D. (Telephone answering device)

    Some fax machines are equipped with a telephone answering device that can record incoming voice messages. Other models may be equipped with a TAD interface, which allows an answering machine to be connected to a fax machine.

  • Tare Weight

    This is the weight of an empty container or vehicle that will be used to hold goods. It's subtracted from the gross weight to determine the cost of the weighed goods on an ECR/POS system.

  • Tax Percentage Rate

    This rate (%), established by local state, county, and/or city municipalities, is applied to whole dollar amounts and is used to calculate state and local taxes that apply to the sale of items on an ECR/POS system.

  • Tax Table

    Uses "breakpoints" established by local state, county and/or city municipalities to calculate state and local taxes that apply to the sale of items on an ECR/POS system.

  • Terminal Number

    A 3-digit code which appears on reports to identify a particular unit in a multi-unit installation.

  • Thermal Paper

    Chemically treated paper used in thermal fax machines. Thermal paper comes in rolls.

  • Thermal Printer

    Uses heat from a printhead to darken letters and images to thermal paper which comes in rolls.

  • Till Timer

    Used in conjunction with the compulsory drawer function, this function counts/reports the number of times the ECR/POS cash drawer (till) is left open beyond a preset time limit.

  • Timer / Pause

    Can be used as a kitchen timer or as a pause between stages to monitor food's progres, add ingredients or stir.

  • Toner

    Plastic-carbon based substance that forms the image on the paper. Toner is part of a mono-component, or dual-component developing system. It has the appearance of a dry powder.

  • Training Mode

    Training Mode is used to practice register operations without affecting sales on an ECR/POS system.
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