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FAQs for Microwave Ovens

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  • After cooking some foods, I notice an accumulation of moisture inside the oven. What causes this?

    Condensation is a normal result of the cooking process. It is more noticeable if the food that has been cooked has a high water content. Condensation may be more noticeable when the weather is humid.

  • Can a microwave oven be built in over a conventional wall oven?

    Some can. Check your Operation Manual for specific models.

  • Can a microwave oven be built into a cabinet?

    Many Sharp ovens can be built into a cabinet using a Sharp trim kit. For more information, check the Operation Manual or contact Sharp's Customer Assistance Center at 800-BE-SHARP. You may also consult your kitchen designer, local Sharp dealer, specification sheet, or download installation instructions.

  • Can my oven be operated without the turntable?

    No. Sharp microwave ovens are designed to be operated with the turntable in place. Some Sharp ovens have a Turntable On/Off feature that enables the use of some larger cooking utensils.

  • Does the turntable eliminate the need to stir foods as they cook?

    The turntable eliminates the need to turn the food periodically as it cooks. It may be necessary to stir some foods periodically as they cook.

  • How can I remove glue that may be left on the oven door by the sticker?

    Should glue residue remain after the label has been removed from the oven door, it may be removed by applying a light coat of cooking oil, then washing with a soft cloth and mild detergent; rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth.

  • How can I tell if a dish can be used in the microwave oven?

    To determine if a utensil is safe to use in the microwave oven, you may perform the "dish test". Place the empty dish in the oven and operate the oven on HIGH (100%) power for 30 seconds. A dish that becomes very hot should not be used. For further information on utensils and coverings, refer to your operation manual.

  • How can I turn of the beeping sound on my microwave?

    If you wish to have the oven operate with no audible signal, touch Custom Help, the number 2 and Stop/Clear pads.

  • How does the auto start feature work?

    This feature allows you to program your oven to begin cooking automatically at a designated time of day. Simply touch Custom Help pad. Touch the number 3. Enter the start time. Touch Clock pad. Enter cooking program. Touch Start/Touch On pad.

  • How does the Child Lock feature work?

    The Child Lock prevents unwanted oven operation such as by small children. The oven can be set to as the control panel is deactivated or locked. To set, touch Custom Help, the number 1 and Start/Touch On pads. Should a pad be touched, Child Lock will appear in the display.


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