A suite of Sharp-developed applications is available through Sharp authorized dealers who enrolled in the Authorized Integrator Program (AIP). These applications are centrally managed, simplifying IT administration tasks. Most AIP applications are designed to complement most popular Microsoft® environments.

MX-SW100 Print Release Software

The MX-SW100 software is an ideal tool for workgroups in any organization seeking to balance the often-conflicting demands for increased security, user convenience, and cost reduction. MX-SW100 print release software is a low-cost and user-friendly solution. Integrating with Microsoft Active Directory® or local database, it is designed for IT administrators to implement a print release solution throughout the organization.

Key Features Include:
  • On-demand print release to secure confidential information
  • Print release from any connected and supported Sharp MFP
  • ID card swipe to facilitate authentication process
  • Flexible print setting and finishing option on the MFP touch screen

View MX-SW100 Data Sheet

E-Mail Connector

The E-Mail Connector on the Sharp OSA-enabled MFP provides authenticated users with access to all the features normally associated with Microsoft® Outlook®, such as global address book, personal address book and E-mail body. Sent E-mail is signed by the logged-in user and scanned E-mails appear in the sender’s “sent messages” folder.

Key Features Include:
  • Access to your personal Outlook address book from Sharp MFP touch screen
  • Store sent e-mails to your “Sent Item” folders
  • Seamless integration between Exchange server and Sharp MFPs
  • Convenient central management for IT department

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MyFolder Connector

With the MyFolder Connector, your Sharp MFP now becomes a convenient way to scan and save routine hardcopy documents to any network share. Seamless integration to Microsoft Active Directory networks provides authenticated users with access to their home folder as well as shared network folders right from the Sharp OSA-enabled MFP’s control panel.

Key Features Include:
  • Secure document scan directly to your home folder
  • Simplified network folder browsing
  • Integrated Active Directory®
  • Central management of “Scan-to-Home” with multiple Sharp MFPs

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Portal Connector

With the Portal Connector, Sharp MFPs provide seamless integration with the Microsoft SharePoint® server, enabling users to upload scans of hardcopy documents and enter keywords right from the MFP. Users can also browse SharePoint® document libraries at the MFP and select where to store scanned documents.

Key Features Include:
  • Integrated Microsoft SharePoint®
  • Scan hardcopy documents to specific document libraries
  • Central management of SharePoint® connections with multiple Sharp MFPs

Portal Connector Data Sheet