Sharp MFPs are approved as McKesson "Qualified" devices for use by McKesson clients. McKesson is the leading provider of healthcare software, called STAR™. To most major hospitals in the U.S., STAR is a solution of feature-rich patient care, clinical and financial systems that support the demands of single-facility and multi-entity healthcare organizations. McKesson's Clients using McKesson STAR solutions, IT managers and network administrators can now seamlessly integrate Sharp printers and MFPs on the network, including workgroup and color MFPs, from 23 ppm to 110 ppm.


  1. Professional printing from McKesson applications
  2. Can easily use Sharp multifunction devices on the network including workgroup and color MFPs from 23 ppm to 110 ppm
  3. McKesson Technical support

McKesson qualified and compatible Sharp MFPs:

Mono - A3 Function*

Speed - ppm (color / BW)

McKesson® STAR 2000 Compatibility
MX-M260 C/P/S/F 26 Yes
MX-M283 C/P/S/F 28 Yes
MX-M310 C/P/S/F 31 Yes
MX-M363 C/P/S/F 36 Yes
MX-M453 C/P/S/F 45 Yes
MX-M503N C/P/S/F 50 Yes
MX-M623/M753 C/P/S/F 62/75 Yes
MX-M850/M950/M1100 C/P/S/F 85/95/110 Yes
Color - A3

MX-2310U C/P/S/F 23/23 Yes
MX-2610N C/P/S/F 26/26 Yes
MX-3110N C/P/S/F 31/31 Yes
MX-3610N C/P/S/F36/36 Yes
MX-4110N/4111N C/P/S/F 41/41Yes
MX-5110N/5111N C/P/S/F 51/51 Yes
MX-6201N C/P/S/F 62/50 Yes
MX-7001N C/P/S/F 70/50 Yes
Mono - A4

DX-B350P/B450P P 35/45 Yes
MX-B400P P 40 Yes
MX-B402 C/P/S/F 40 Yes
MX-B402SC C/P/S/F 40 Yes
Color - A4

MX-C311 C/P/S/F 31/31 Yes
DX-C310/C311 C/P/S/F31/31 Yes
MX-C400P P 40/40 Yes
MX-C401 C/P/S/F 40/40 Yes
DX-C400/C401 C/P/S/F 40/40 Yes
MX-C402SC C/P/S/F 40/40 Yes

*C=Copy; P=Print; S=Scan; F=Fax


  1. Sharp MFP Libraries are available at no charge from McKesson
  2. Support for STAR products utilizing Sharp MFPs will be available to clients through McKesson at 1 (800) STAR-HBO
  3. For more information visit: