Embrace Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) with Secure and Productive Mobile Printing and Scanning

Sharpdesk Mobile

Sharpdesk Mobile for Windows® and Windows® RT is a powerful, cutting edge mobile printing and scanning application that allows users to securely connect to supported Sharp MFPs and printers via a wireless network from Windows® and Windrows RT devices. Along with Sharpdesk Mobile for iOS and Android™, you can provide consistent mobile printing and scanning experience across the organization.

Hassle-free Printing
No print driver is required. One application across your fleet of Sharp printers to maximize productivity of mobile users. Quickly discover available printers, select a document, preview and print directly to a supported Sharp MFP from your Windows or Windows RT devices.

Simplified Document Capture
Capture hard-copy documents to your Windows or Windows RT devices in Adobe® PDF format by simply scanning the document from a Sharp MFP. Once the document is captured, you have an option to share the document via an e-mail or any other installed Windows Store applications.

Seamless Collaboration with Other Windows Store Applications
Sharpdesk Mobile allows seamless file management and sharing with other applications. Users can share stored files via e-mail, or send documents with other applications or print from other applications with a simple swipe and tap.

Uncompromised Security
Sharpdesk Mobile is designed to help corporate IT minimize security risks while providing optimum productivity for users. Through security features including user authentication, IT can minimize unwanted access to corporate network resources, while embracing BYOD.

Sharpdesk Mobile



  • No driver installations
  • Print documents from your Windows or Windows RT devices
  • Print files from other applications
  • Print e-mails and web pages


  • Scan and save files from a supported Sharp MFPs to your mobile device
  • Quickly e-mail scanned files from your mobile device
  • Share scanned files with other applications


  • Store scanned or received files
  • Organize documents in folders and sub-folders


  • Send scanned files to other installed Windows Store apps
  • Print files from installed Windows Store apps

Security and Setups

  • Maintain corporate IT security standards
  • User authentication for improved security
  • Automatic printer discovery
  • Manually add a supported Sharp MFP


Supported Sharp MFPs and Printers

Supported Models*

A4 MFP/Printer


MX-C250 / 300W


MX-C311 / C312 / C401 / C402SC


MX-B402 / B402SC




A3 Color MFP

MX-2310U / MX-3111U

MX-2600N / MX-3100N

MX-2615N / MX-3115N

MX-2616N / MX-3116N

MX-2610N / 3110N / 3610N

MX-2640N / 3140N / 3640N

MX-4140N / 4141N / 5140N / 5141N

MX-4110N / 4111N / 5110N / 5111N

MX-6240N / 7040N

MX-4100N / 4101N / 5001N



A3 Mono MFP

MX-M264N / M314N / M354N

MX-M364N / M464N / M564N

MX-M365N / M465N / M565N

MX-M283U / M363U / M453U / M503U

MX-M283N / M363N / M453N / M503N

MX-M623U / M753U

MX-M623N / M753N

MX-M904 / M1054 / M1204

*Please refer to the Sharpdesk Mobile data sheet for more details.

Supported File Formats

  • PDF, Encrypted PDF, Compact PDF
  • TIFF
  • JPEG
  • PNG

System Requirements

Hardware & OS Requirements
Mobile devices running Windows 8.1, Windows 8.1 Pro, Windows 8.1 Enterprise or Windows RT 8.1
(Windows Phone 8 is not currently supported)

Minimum System Requirements
1GHz Processor, 1GB RAM, 20MB free HDD space and 1024 x 768 pixels screen resolution with DirectX 9 graphics capability

Recommended Screen Resolution
1366 x 768 pixels. Touch screen is recommended

Sharpdesk Mobile

Sharpdesk Mobile Data Sheet (PDF)

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