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Long Life, High Performance DLP Chip

The DLP chip in the XG-PH80WN projector incorporates over 1 million micromirrors, and the XG-PH80XN's DLP chip contains close to 800,000 micromirrors. These silicon chips with their finely structured mirrors provide ultra-stable per­formance to deliver high quality images for longer periods. The DLP chips in these projectors achieve an estimated lifetime of 20,000 hours. (This measurement is at a surrounding temperature of 25°C and is a reference value, not a guarantee.)

Up to 2100:1 Contrast Ratio (with DynamicBlack™ on)

The DLP optical system in these projectors prevents light leakage com­pared with other projection technologies. This in conjunction with DynamicBlack technology dramatically improves the black levels, providing incredible detail in dark scenes with virtually no noise or loss of brightness and a contrast ratio of up to 2100:1.

Sealed DLP Chip with Interchangeable Color Wheel

4-segment or Optional BrilliantColor 6-segment Color Wheel

The sealed DLP chip and interchangeable color wheel help provide enhanced reliability and projection flexibility. Use the included 4-seg­ment color wheel for applications requiring highest brightness, or replace it with the optional BrilliantColor™ AN-PH80CW 6-segment color wheel for video applications where color accuracy is paramount.

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