Key Features

  • Direct Algebraic Logic simplifies entry of equations
  • 419 functions, 9 memories
  • Large 12-digit, 2-line LCD display
  • Multi-line playback
  • Metric Conversions
  • Differential and integral calculus
  • Twin Power
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Calculation Digits 12
Display Type LCD
Number of lines in display 2
Memory Calculations M+, M-
Number of Memories 9
Hard Case Yes
Business Function
Calculation and Conversion No
Last Digit Correction Yes
Metric Functions
Metric Conversions 44
Scientific Function
Complex Numbers Yes
Continuous Calculation Yes
Dec., Hex., Oct., and Binary Yes
Deg/Rad/Grad Mode Yes
DMS < > DD Yes
DRG Conversion Yes
Equation Playback Yes
Equation Solver No
Factorial Yes
Formula No
Fraction Calculation Yes
F.S.E Display Format Yes
Hyperbolic Function and Inverse Yes
Last Answer Recall Yes
log, In (and inverses) Yes
Logic DAL
Logic Operators Yes
Matrices No
Normal Distribution Functions No
Number of Functions 419
One Variable Yes
P <> R Yes
Parenthesis Levels 24
Percent, Pi, and other symbols Yes
Permutation and Combination Yes
Physical Constants 52
Polynomial Root Finder No
Random Numbers Yes
Regression Types 6
Sin, Cos, Tan, and Inverse Yes
Solves 3 Simultaneous Equations Yes
STO, RCL, and ANS Keys Yes
Two Variable Yes
Type (Command/Keystroke) No
x, other symbols Yes
X Mean, Standard Deviation Yes
Y Mean, Standard Deviation Yes
Automatic Power Down Yes
Power Supply Solar and Battery

Product specifications and design are subject to change without notice.

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