Sharp SuperSteam™ Oven is really 4 ovens in 1

  • SuperSteam Convection, Steam, Convection and Microwave
  • 43 Automatic settings select the best cooking method
  • Cooks a wide variety of foods without compromising taste
  • 6 Balanced Meals settings are cooked in 25 minutes or less
  • Can be built-in with the available RK-12S30 kit
  • Stainless Steel


Today, more and more people aspire to a healthy lifestyle, a lifestyle that includes healthy eating and healthy food preparation. Sharp's new multi-purpose oven offers a unique combination of the healthiest ways to cook, all in one versatile appliance: SuperSteam Convection, Steam, Convection and Microwave. One of the best ways to eat healthy is to take control of what you eat by cooking more meals at home. That means starting with wholesome, fresh, flavorful ingredients and using cooking methods that don't require the addition of large amounts of extra fat or sauces, and that results in fewer calories. With Sharp's SuperSteam™ Oven you won't have to compromise on taste or appearance. It can help you change the way you eat by changing the way you cook!

Also available in Black: AX-1200K.

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