Hear to there

Audiophiles won’t believe their eyes and ears. The first component to deliver uncompressed, audiophile sound quality – wirelessly. Experience surround-sound like never before when you transmit 24-bit/96kHz audio to up to 8 speakers. And since sound is only half of the experience, the Sharp WiSA-compliant Universal Player also transmits Full HD 1080p video directly to your TV*.

*Via WiHD Transmitter – included with purchase

This is what audiophiles
hear when they dream

Far beyond anything standard Bluetooth or Wi-Fi systems are capable of, the Sharp WiSA-compliant Universal Player delivers an unbelievable, lossless signal at Super Audio CD quality (24bit/96kHz), so you can be sure what you hear is as close to what was recorded as possible. Of course, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi systems are also wireless, but they are incapable of handling this level of high resolution audio. Enjoy more channels of sound when you connect up to 8 WiSA–compliant speakers or Sharp’s Wireless Bridge to any speaker for the ultimate wireless A/V experience.

Wireless never looked so good.

Do you believe in love at first sight? You will. The Sharp WiSA-compliant Universal Player features Full HD 1080p output wirelessly. Watch native Blu-ray content wirelessly via the WiHD output, or access content from your set-top cable box, streaming media players, game consoles, and more via 3 HDMI inputs, 2 USB ports, and an internet connection.

How we put it together
is what sets it apart.

Sharp Engineers applied sophisticated construction techniques to some of the most advanced engineering materials available to ensure absolute fidelity and
supreme reliability.

ULTRA-Rigid DISC Drive Mechanism
Delivers the most accurate data read from your
Super Audio CD, CD, Blu-ray or DVD discs.

Dual-Core insulated Base System
Sharp Engineers combined stable aluminum alloys and a matrix of natural rubber and other materials to effortlessly isolate the drive mechanism from external influences.

High-Grade Capacitor
Enhances the available information for all frequencies by stabilizing the DC power supply to the audio circuitry, plus enables precise tuning for clear high/low frequencies.

Expanded Structure Printed Circuit Boards
Doubling the thickness of both the fiberglass substrate and the current-carrying copper conductors enabled Sharp Engineers to minimize vibrations and curtail data losses throughout the system.

R-Core Power Transformer
Stabilizes the flow of electrical power to the system ensuring higher efficiency to the transformers and very low leakage flux.

Enjoy breakthrough technology without breaking through walls.

Technology should enhance your life, not disrupt it. The Sharp WiSA-compliant Universal Player transmits the AV signals wirelessly to any WiSA-compliant speakers and TV via WiHD – without a cable connection.
That means no drilling, no wires and no cables.
No kidding.