The AQUOS 4K Ultra HD TV provides four times the pixel resolution of Full HD (3840x2160) so everything you watch is four times sharper and more realistic. Ultra HD resolution offers 24 million subpixels, compared to the 6 million subpixels on a standard Full HD TV, so you’ll experience truly realistic viewing—loaded with nuanced details and vibrant colors.

The Largest THX 4K Certified TV

The THX® 4K Certified Ultra HD LED TV has passed more than 400 picture quality tests to ensure that every pixel delivers precisely the scene the director intended.

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THX 4K Display THX Certified

What is THX Certification?

THX Certification cuts through this clutter so you know which products are worthy of your money. Working closely with manufacturers, we ensure their products deliver the best performance possible. We are totally independent and only award certification to products we ourselves would own. If you want the most realistic home cinema experience, you want THX Certified.

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Watch The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Netflix. Ultra HD availability subject to your Netflix subscription plan, Internet service, device capabilities, and content availability. See Terms.

Accurate color reproduction

Tested to make sure images match the color, luminance, blocks and gamma found in the filmaker’s studio.

THX Cinema and
THX 4K Cinema Modes

THX optimized viewing modes deliver high-quality HD and UltraHD experiences with the push of a button.

400+ THX Lab Tests

Confirms display delivers accurate images and pristine video performance in every frame.

Sharper Pictures

THX Certification improves de-interlacing and jaggies ensuring sharp HD and UltraHD images with a previously unseen level of clarity.

*The LC70UD27U is the largest THX 4K certified TV available in North American market as of September 14, 2014.

Ultra HD availability subject to your Netflix subscription plan, Internet service, device capabilities, and content availability. See Terms.

A Picture Worth a Thousand “Wows”

Our large-screen LED TVs with cutting-edge pixel technologies give you amazing detail, and gorgeous,
brilliant color. You’re not just watching it. You feel as if you’re part of it.



AQUOS LED TVs feature an advanced pixel structure for stunning contrast, with deeper blacks and whiter whites. On AQUOS HD series models, each pixel, a dot on the screen, is made up of three subpixels (red, green, and blue) that create the colors you see on the TV. They display shades of each individual color at varying levels of brightness.


Exclusive Quattron technology incorporates a fourth, yellow subpixel to the standard red, green and blue for 33% more subpixels than a standard Full HD TV—giving you a clearer, richer picture, and noticeably more detail and brightness.


By dividing each subpixel, Q+ increases the number of subpixels to 16 million—10 million more subpixels than standard Full HD. The highest resolution Full HD TV, Q+ gives you more detail, depth and color. And Q+ is built with Quattron technology, for a billion more shades of color.


RevelationTM Upscaler

See the AQUOS 4K difference in everything you watch. Sharp’s RevelationTM Upscaler displays all your HD content at 4K Ultra HD resolution, making movies, TV shows, sports and video games sharper and more vivid. A powerful image processor fine-tunes the original signal for peak picture quality, and enhances the content to create a 4K Ultra HD image.


See sharper, more electrifying action. AquoMotionTM 480 Refresh Rate delivers crystal-clear images, even during fast-motion scenes.

Brilliant Colors

With SPECTROS™ Rich Color Display, the Sharp AQUOS 4K boasts more color than any previous AQUOS and sets a standard no leading competitor can match. The 21% wider color spectrum* produces more vibrant and diverse color, so each frame is brilliantly recreated as the director intended.

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