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Start saving on solar energy in a snap.

SunSnap is a new power generating solar appliance with a flexible and scalable design that allows homeowners to start saving with solar immediately and expand their PV system over time. SunSnap is easy to buy, quick to install, simple to operate and backed by a brand that's recognized globally as a leader in solar energy innovation for over 50 years. The SunSnap system includes1: an elegant black solar module, a high efficiency microinverter, and an innovative mounting system.


SunSnap is the easy, cost-effective way to go solar right now. You can instantly see lower electric bills, achieve energy independence and do your part for the environment.

Surprisingly simple.

The secret to the system is that each module functions as an individual appliance. Enjoy a dramatically lower entry cost by starting with a system that's as small as one SunSnap module, and simply add modules over time to reach your energy-saving goals.

A snap to install, literally.

Our new frame design and module mounting scheme drastically reduces installation hassles. Everything from the positioning, to the mounting, to the wiring has been streamlined and simplified, so it all comes together quickly and easily, substantially reducing labor costs.

  • 25-Year Limited Warranty
    on Power Output
  • Low Parts Count
  • Shade Tolerance
  • Faster Installation
  • Lifetime Monitoring2
  • Stealth Appearance
  • Increased Safety
  • Portrait & Landscape
  • Scalable
  • Array Leveling
  • SunSnap

    Watch your energy savings grow.

    With optional hardware puchase, you can monitor your own power production and energy savings online, through your computer or smart phone app in real-time. You can even let an installer use remote monitoring to check the system for you.

    Even more ways to save.

    Financial incentives from both the federal and state governments can help offset up-front costs, so please send us your contact information or call us at 1-800-SOLAR-06 to find out more. We can also help you find an independent, certified installer who can put the SunSnap ingenuity to work for you.

    Interested in learning how to install SunSnap? Please visit our Installation Training page for upcoming training dates and details.

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