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Given its capabilities in both crystalline and thin film, Sharp is one of the few manufacturers that can provide an objective assessment of the best PV technology for your large scale project.

Traditionally and widely used in roof-mounted systems, crystalline PV typically provides the best value for residential and commercial customers due to the strong emphasis on module efficiency. Thin film PV is generally the preferred technology for large ground-mounted systems because of its performance coupled with a very attractive cost. Thin film achieves a lower cost per installed megawatt because of low module prices combined with advanced installation techniques that manage balance of system (BOS) costs. The result is a lower cost to generate electricity from solar.

Sharp will offer an unbiased assessment for your large scale project. Our solar experts will also provide guidance on mounting structures, tilt angles, row spacing and array layouts. Additionally, we can help determine DC to AC loading, typical loss factors and expected performance using simulation programs.

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