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Solar Can Help Offset Climate Change

From Main Street to Wall Street, people are realizing the effects that our actions have on the environment—and they're going solar to minimize those effects and lower their carbon footprint.

Until recently, there hasn't been much of a choice but to use the electricity provided by conventional methods. With advances in technology and increased consumer awareness, however, solar electricity is now a very feasible option. So, while you'll be lowering your electric bill, you'll also be helping to raise our air quality.

Coal-fired power plants are responsible for most of all sulfur dioxide emissions in the U.S. Yet solar electricity produces absolutely no pollution. And by using more solar electricity, fewer power plants that produce greenhouse gases would need to be built.

Sharp Solar Is Clean

A Sharp solar electric system generates no harmful emissions—zero. This means you can power your home with 100 percent pure sunshine that's not only clean, it's also renewable and abundant. So abundant, in fact, it's been calculated that a 100-square-mile array of solar modules in the Southwestern United States could generate enough electricity to power the entire country.

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