5 Reasons Why You'll Want Sharp's NEW AQUOS 4K Ultra HD LED TV

5 Reasons Why You'll Want Sharp's NEW AQUOS 4K Ultra HD LED TV

5 Reasons Why You'll Want Sharp's NEW AQUOS 4K Ultra HD LED TV

5 Reasons Why You'll Want Sharp's NEW AQUOS 4K Ultra HD LED TV

by Helena Stone

4K Ultra HD TV is no longer the technology of the future. 4K, or 3840 x 2160 resolution, is the present. The initial excitement is about to wear off, so let's start thinking about which 4K TV will stand the test of time.

Sharp's new AQUOS 4K Ultra HD LED TV is coming this fall, and it looks like it fits the bill. The new AQUOS 4K arrives at the perfect time -- after the initial rush of 4K TVs, which means that this television fixes some of the shortcomings of its predecessors, while getting the absolute most out of what 4K has to offer.

So, how does the new AQUOS 4K pull it off?

Picture Quality - It's not just about the number of pixels. Sharp maximizes 4K content with the SPECTROS™ Rich Color Display, which uses a brand-new LED backlighting system and expands the available spectrum of color far beyond what most LED-backlit televisions can offer. This TV also optimizes HD content, with the Revelation™ upscaler, which takes all your non-4K media and brings it up to 4K resolution, improving image quality in the process, and new, AquoDimming™ Technology, for enhanced contrast. Darker scenes will pop with detail. The TV's software algorithm analyzes the on-screen image in real-time and adjusts the contrast on your television pixel by pixel.

Intelligence - A must for any modern TV is a smart interface. Fortunately, Sharp has a pretty brainy one with SmartCentral™ 3.0. There's a smart guide to help you navigate the mounds of content that this TV will put at your fingertips. It has all the third party apps you've come to expect, like Netflix and Hulu Plus, and the SmartCentral 3.0 mobile app, which has all of the TV smart platforms, and more, is available for iOS® and Android™ smartphones and tablets.

4K Ready. Completely.

Being 4K ready doesn't just mean having a 4K resolution display. There's support for the HEVC decoder, which means that you can stream 4K content with no drop in quality. Not only that, but there's support for the latest in wired standards, any 60fps 4K content coming from external sources will arrive on your television without sacrificing anything in image quality. You get the same great picture, regardless of the source. This TV is 4K ready in every sense.

Design - You won't just be impressed by the visuals on screen. The new AQUOS 4K itself is a looker, with an incredibly thin aluminum frame with a brushed finish. It also knows when to stay out of the way -- the bezel is just 0.4'' wide. It's thin and light, so you can put it just about anywhere, knowing no matter where you put it, it'll look great.

Size - The new AQUOS 4K will come in 60'' and 70'' (69.5" diag.) class screen sizes. If you're watching 4K content on a 20'' 4K TV, your eyes probably can't tell the difference between 4K and 1080p. 4K doesn't become worth it until it's on the big screen, where those tinier, more densely packed pixels truly make content clearer and more detailed, and you can enjoy a truly immersive viewing experience.

The new Sharp AQUOS 4K UHD LED TV is hitting stores this fall, and if you've been waiting to get on board with 4K, this might just be the television you've been waiting for.

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