Bachelor Pad Ideas

Bachelor Pad Ideas

Bachelor Pad Ideas

by Craig Agranoff

Somewhere between upgrading from hand-me-down couches and old TVs to leather sectionals and a TV for your bathroom, it occurs to you: this whole decorating thing can be fun. Building the perfect bachelor pad can be done on any budget. And it can happen in any-size dwelling.

In other words, you don’t need the modern-day equivalent of the remote-controlled, revolving bed that Otter used to woo Dean Wormer’s wife in “Animal House.” You just need a little creativity and the mindset that you’re building a little piece of heaven not just for yourself, but for all the guests you hope to entertain.

The right home theater equipment and setup is key to creating a bachelor pad that can function as both a Fortress of Solitude and the go-to spot for fantasy sports drafts, pre-gaming before a night on the town, and dinner-and-a-movie date nights.

If you have a large and accommodating space, your TV and home theater options are wide open. You could consider the Sharp AQUOS 90" LED SMART TV, the largest LED Full HD TV in the marketplace.

If you're working with a smaller space, don't be discouraged. You can still fit a big screen TV in a small space. Try hanging a 60” Sharp AQUOS Q+, the highest resolution Full HD TV on your wall. With 10 million more subpixels than Full HD you’ll get picture with more detail and depth from anywhere in the room. And Sharp’s Wallpaper mode allows you to put your favorite snapshot up in high resolution on the big screen, a major upgrade to that poster you saved from your college dorm room.

If square footage is at a premium but you still want to be able to unleash impactful sound, consider setting a sound bar down behind that vintage ashtray collection. Sound bars live in a single enclosure and produce multi-channel audio through manipulating speaker arrays. In the words of Ron Burgundy, “it’s science.” Sound bars aren’t just ideal for cramped quarters, but also for larger abodes where you want to be able to soak in sounds in the bedroom, kitchen or indoor tiki bar. Sharp sound bars feature a slim and versatile design that allow horizontal or vertical placement and come with features like subwoofers, Bluetooth and NFC connectivity.

If you’re trying to keep your speaker design fashion forward in any room and on the go, you might also consider a Sharp Slim Micro System, which will make Barry White look as sexy as he sounds. Simply connect your mobile device and crank it up. The slick design and slim footprint ideally suit it for a home office or den.

A bachelor pad wouldn’t be properly outfitted without something for the guests. Silk bathrobes and 2,000-thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets are nice touches that help friends and family recharge. But what about something practical, such as a community phone charger? A mass charger that can refuel several wireless devices at once -- regardless of brand -- is a good way to keep overnight guests happy and connected.

If your visiting family and friends are used to visiting you in your old sty filled with inflatable furniture and the ripe scent of patchouli, make a few tech-savvy improvements to convince them that you changed your ways. A Sharp Plasmacluster air purifier wipes out microscopic pollutants with a combination for True HEPA filtration and fancy, patented, ion technology. In other words, it reliably eliminates bacteria, mold, odors and dust. The modern bachelor pad may be a den of sin or simply a cool and quiet place to rest your head. Either way, technology will help you get there -- more cost effectively than ever before.


Tip #1: Make everyone happy by going smart.

Make your guest feel right at home with the help of a smart TV. Sharp has various smart TV options so that your guest can log into their favorite apps like Netflix or Pandora and never miss a beat.

Tip #2: Fish for compliments.

Just about everything is high tech these days, from remote-controlled black-out curtains to robotic vacuum cleaners powered by A.I. So it just makes sense that aquariums -- a nature lover’s perfect indoor accessory -- have bells, whistles and Wi-Fi. Today’s smart aquariums allow you to pre-program temperature and water pH settings, feeding sessions, lighting or more. They're cheaper than a pet sitter. And if you’re traveling, you can manage your pet care remotely. Long gone are the days of awkwardly wrangling that cheap plastic net.

Tip #3: Floor your senses.

Finally, you have a sound reason to buy that faux leopard skin rug. If your bachelor pad has hardwood floors, you’ll want to create some sound absorption for the home theater system. Adding area rugs is a great way to make this happen -- whether it has leopard spots or not. Also, if you happen to live in an apartment, the most neighborly act you can perform is to insulate your sound.

Tip #4: Go vinyl.

You can still live in a modern world and kick it old school. Today’s high-tech turntables will actually cut tracks from the record to a memory card so that you and all your houseguests can groove to the songs you grew up on at home or on the go -- static and all.

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About the Author

Craig Agranoff is a CBS & ABC television tech correspondent. He is the author of three books and a tech blogger for many well known publications


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