Innovation: Sharp Revolutionizes Display For 4K UHD TVs in 2015

Innovation: Sharp Revolutionizes Display For 4K UHD TVs in 2015

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Sharp, founded in 1912, has been manufacturing electronics for over 100 years. While we are best known for our leading-edge home entertainment products, our true legacy lies in creating cutting-edge display technologies that push the limits of possibility; not just for the sake of innovation, but with the goal of improving people’s lives.

Through our revolutionary approach to invention, we are proud to introduce the next generation of 4K Ultra HD Televisions. The 4K market is growing rapidly and by 2017 we expect that 4K will comprise approximately than two-thirds of TV revenue sales. In 2015, Sharp will more than quadruple the number of 4K Ultra HD TVs offered. Sharp is excited to walk you through the future wave of TVs that offer superior picture quality, increased connectivity, and stunning design.


UB30, UE30 and UH30 Series

The Sharp AQUOS 4K UHD-UB30 series offers the stunning AQUOS 4K display and pixel resolution in the 43”, 50”, 55” and 65” class screen sizes at prices starting under $1,000. This series, along with all other 4K UHD TVs in the 2015 line up, come equipped with SmartCentral 4.0 which allows you to browse and search cable, satellite and streaming services from a single screen. With an easy to navigate menu, personalized accounts for each family member, and the unique ability to use your tablet and smartphone to browse, search and select content, SmartCentral 4.0 allows you to have a wireless experience without interrupting what you’re already watching. All of our new models also offer our proprietary Revelation Upscaler to make HD content look better than ever, our unique Wallpaper Mode that enables the TV to become the largest digital picture frame in the home and all the latest specs, including a quad core processer, H.265 and, for the first time, VP9 for 4K streaming.  VP9 is a new codec adopted by Google that allows 4K streaming from YouTube. 

The Sharp AQUOS 4K UHD-UE30 Series includes our first 80” 4K Ultra HD TV. The UE30 also adds SmartCentral 4.0 on the Android TV platform, AquoMotion 480 and Sharp’s AquoDimming technology, which individually controls each pixel to reveal more detail in dark scenes.

Our premium line, the Sharp AQUOS UH30 series, is built for the picture quality aficionado. These models are expected to feature THX 4K certification meaning they have passed more than 400 picture quality tests designed by the studios to ensure that every pixel delivers precisely the scene the director intended. For a truly cinematic experience, the UH30 will be available in both 70” and 80” class screen sizes.

The UH30 also features Sharp’s SPECTROS™ Rich Color Display, which provides a 21% wider color gamut than traditional LCD TVs and AquoMotion™ 960 amongst all of the other premium features mentioned above.


70” Sharp AQUOS Super Slim

The 70” Sharp AQUOS Super Slim is our thinnest television. With a depth of less than half an inch, which is comparable to a smartphone, this TV offers a distinctive and novel design, paired with 4K UHD picture quality. By utilizing highly light-transmissive glass for the light guide plate, this TV is able to distribute light more effectively through though the LCD panel, this TV offers the leading-edge Sharp quality with a very slim footprint.   


Beyond 4K

Finally, in 2015, Sharp is offering the highest resolution television available, The Beyond 4K Ultra HD TV. There are three things that set this groundbreaking 80” television apart: resolution, color and contrast. With this product, Sharp has applied its proprietary Quattron technology to a 4K panel. We added proprietary pixel-splitting technology to create 66 million independently controlled subpixels, 42 million more than standard 4K. With more subpixels, this TV delivers 167% greater resolution than traditional 4K UHD.  Sharp’s next generation Revelation™ Upscaler unleashes the full potential of this stunning resolution, whether it’s HD or 4K UHD content.

This TV will display 100% of the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) Color Space, which is a Hollywood standard that ensures a uniform and high level of technical performance, reliability and quality control. The Beyond 4K Ultra HD TV offers the highest resolution viewing experience than any other television being mass-produced in 2015.


The Future is Here

These leading-edge products distinguish Sharp’s role as an innovator. High-resolution technology is changing entertainment and the future of display in incredible ways. The television manufacturing community and film industries are behind and supportive of these high resolution technologies. A world where their creative vision can be recreated on the home TV screen is not just a fad; it is where our technology is now. If you want to watch your favorite movies or enjoy the latest sporting event, Sharp’s AQUOS 4K Ultra HD TVs provide an experience with detailed realism, stunning contrast, and amazing picture quality that can take your breathe away.


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