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  • A2LA

    American Association for Laboratory Accreditation.

  • Accent Lighting

    Lighting used to highlight a specific object or area of a wall or room.

  • Activity Report

    A list of all transmissions and receptions, (the last current 50) that have occurred using the fax machine.

  • Age Verification/Birthday Entry

    Used for prohibiting the sale of goods (departments, PLUs or UPCs) to persons under a given age based on birthday entries on an ECR/POS system.

  • AIGaAs LED (Aluminum Gallium Arsenide LED)

    Active semiconductor material used to produce red and infrared emitting diodes (IREDs).

  • ALA

    American Lighting Association.

  • American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

    This organization coordinates voluntary standards for the physical, electrical and performance characteristics of lighting and electrical equipment for the United States.

  • Analog

    Data transmission in which information is sent in the form of a continuously varying signal or wave file.

  • Analog Copier

    Lens and mirrors are the components of the conventional analog copier that transfers the scanned image to a photoconductor. The mirrors direct the light through the lens and then to the drum.

  • ANSI

    See American National Standards Institute.

  • Answering Machine Hook-Up

    The ability to use one phone line to receive both voice messages and faxes.

  • Anti-Junk Fax

    The ability to block 5 facsimile sending locations from access to your machine.

  • AQUOS Net

    AQUOS Net enables connection to an ever expanding range of personalized content.  Using this service, viewers can configure “widgets” to check everyday information, with a push of a button on the television’s remote control, in either full screen or split screen.  Through AQUOS Net, consumers also have access to unparalleled customer support for their television, including the ability to have dedicated AQUOS Advantage advisors connect remotely to their TV to assist in adjusting the TV’s settings and optimizing picture quality for the best viewing experience.  This interactive tool, known as AQUOS Advantage Live, is easily accessible from the AQUOS Net home page.  In addition, AQUOS Net provides consumers with instant access to important information about their television.  Consumers can find FAQ’s that explain HDMI™ connections, HDTV and other TV technology-related features, as well as view the user manual directly on the AQUOS LCD-TV.  A “What’s New” page will also be available, outlining exciting new products and news from Sharp.

  • Aspect Ratio

    Aspect Ratio is the ratio between the width and height of an image. The 2 most common aspect ratios are 16:9 and 4:3. 16:9 is known as widescreen format, while 4:3 refers to the traditional TV format.


    Alliance for Solid State Illumination Systems and Technologies.

  • ASTM

    American Society for Testing of Materials.

  • ASV Super Lucent Panel

    Minimizes the diffusion of light at the panels surface, which produces an image with higher brightness and black levels.

  • Auto Key Function

    Used to automate or assign operations or functions to a single key on an ECR/POS system, e.g., a $20.00 speed tender, a Z Report or Tax Delete operation.

  • Auto Dialing

    The ability to store frequently used telephone numbers in memory and dial them by pressing one or two button combinations.

  • Automatic Daylight Shutoff

    A photocell device or light sensor that automatically prevents operation of a luminaire during daylight hours.

  • Automatic Cover Sheet

    The ability to automatically send a cover sheet as the last page of each transmission.

  • Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)

    A device that holds a stack of originals and feeds them automatically, one at a time to the exposure glass for scanning/copying.

  • Automatic Exposure Control

    Automatically adjusts the amount of light necessary to properly expose the selected original. (i.e.: colored paper, poor quality original).

  • Automatic Power Save Mode

    There are 2 user settings for power off or sleep mode (low heat) after 90 seconds of no copier activity.

  • Automatic Reception

    The ability of a facsimile to automatically answer a call and receive a fax.

  • Automatic Reduction

    When transmitting a document larger than 8.5" x 11", the fax automatically reduces it to fit on 8.5" x 11" paper before transmission.

  • Automatic Start

    Allows the user to enter copy functions/commands during the warm-up period. After warm-up is completed, copying will begin automatically.

  • Auto Redial

    When the number dialed is busy, the fax machine will continur to redial at preset intervals, and a preset number of times.

  • Auto Start

    Delays cooking up to twelve (12) hours.

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