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Have a question about one of the Sharp special offers? It's probably been asked before. Sharp has the answers to your most Frequently Asked Questions about Special Offers right here to help you get the savings you want.


7 FAQs

  • Has my rebate check been mailed yet?

    Please use the toll-free telephone number on the back of your rebate coupon to inquire about your rebate. If you do not have this coupon, a customer service representative is available to assist you at 1-800-BE-SHARP (1-800-237-4277).

  • When did the rebate promotion start? When does it end?

    Please reference the website or your copy of the claim form for promotion dates.

  • I received an error letter. Why?

    There was an error with your claim.  Refer to your error letter to correct the mistake. Once corrected, the claim will be processed.

  • I need to get a rebate form. Can you send me one?

    Please check with the retailer to get a rebate form or print one from Sharp's Special Offers page. The Rebate Processing Center does not have rebate forms to mail to consumers.

  • Is my product eligible? If so, how much is the rebate?

    All product eligibility information is listed on the front of the claim form.

  • My dealer told me this model was included in the rebate promotion. Why isn't it eligible?

    If it's not listed on the claim form, it's not eligible.  Please check with your dealer.

  • Are photocopies acceptable?

    Yes, for both receipts/invoices and claim forms.

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