4K Ultra HD is four times the pixel resolution of Full HD 1080p. Full HD has 2 million dots, or pixels (1920 X 1080— this means 1920 pixels wide & 1080 pixels tall). 4K has 8 million pixels (3840 wide & 2160 tall). So for every pixel on a full HD TV, there are four smaller pixels on a 4K TV. With four times more pixels, even the smallest details in a picture are visible.


Enhance everything you watch with precise detail. Sharp's proprietary built-in Revelation™ 4K Upscaler creates a 4K (3840 X 2160) signal from any source, making the picture clearer and sharper, with more depth.

Here's how it works: first, a dual-core processor fine-tunes the original signal for optimal picture quality in real-time. Any imperfections such as digital noise or artifacts are reduced to a minimum. Second, the upconverter chip interpolates the content to automatically populate for 4K pixel resolution by using a variety of specially programmed algorithms, including color conversion and contrast control.



THX Certified

Experience movies the way the director intended. Feel the action like never before. In earning the first THX 4K certification, the AQUOS® 4K Ultra HD LED TV passed over 400 rigorous tests covering 1000 data points, meeting the highest standards in picture performance. To the discerning consumer, THX 4K Certification is an assurance that the television is truly cinema quality.



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